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A Four Cruise Ship Day

Airship Goes to Alaska


Oh, but I cut out that fourth one that was over on the left. Well, trust me…there were four. 

We walked into town today and stopped back in at Trickster Co. to pick up a shirt for my mom (requested after she saw Kevin's) and then I figured I needed one too, so now we all have shirts with that cool eagle raven design. 

We grabbed some lunch at the Hangar on the Wharf (couple of caesar salads with blackened fish and a cup of chowder) and then wandered back to our little boat treehouse in the boat yard. I really hope this last part comes tomorrow morning…we're itching to get back in the water and headed south while the weather is decent. Looks like Monday night a front is coming through and the waves are forecast 5 feet in Stephens Passage, so we may stick around here (in the water, I hope) until that passes and it's bit calmer. We can do some sea trials with our new gear right here in Gastineau Channel though, so we'll work it out. 

Tonight we are joining Steve and Julie and Harbormaster Dave and his wife Hope for dinner at the Twisted Fish. We're sure enjoying all the great people we've met in Juneau while we've been stranded here. 🙂