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Day 16 – Bishop Bay to Lowe Inlet

Airship Goes to Alaska – Day 16

Bishop to lowe-3634

We left Bishop Bay this morning at 8am. Margaret had set a crab trap out last night, but this morning it was gone. She dinghied around trying to find it this morning, but no luck. On our way out, someone spotted it in this gigantic snag that had come off the shore and became its own island in the middle of the bay, so Mark maneuvered alongside it and Margaret was able to grab it with a boat hook.

Bishop to lowe-3637

Bishop to lowe-3657

No crabs, however.

Today’s cruise was a gorgeous one. More Pacific White-Sided Dolphins surfed our bow wake, and the weather was perfect.

Bishop to lowe-3675

We got to Lowe Inlet and a few of us had a little trouble anchoring in here (deep deep deep in the middle, and then very quick to super shallow around the edges) but we all eventually got settled. Mark came over to show me how to clean out the sea strainer (super easy) and then we had Mark and Margaret over for dinner later on. (That’s the deal…help with boat things equals dinner.) Margaret baked cupcakes and passed them out via dinghy to all the boats (along with our briefing for tomorrow). We’re going to be sad to part with these fabulous guides when we get to Ketchikan!

Pulling into Lowe Inlet:

Bishop to lowe-3680

We set out two crab traps tonight but didn’t catch anything. Oh, and Mark tried my patented “Domela Knot” on his dinghy when he came to visit, and it worked just as well as mine worked at Teakerne Arm.

Kevin and Mark retrieving Mark’s dinghy. (Sorry Mark, I know I said I wouldn’t post it, but look how nice the light was!)

Bishop to lowe-3687

Tomorrow is another long passage (~60 miles) to Prince Rupert. Back to civilization for a night!


  1. Eric Meslow Eric Meslow

    Exchange Cove. NW of your position. Crab central. Fish or turkey in the trap. Fresh. Crabs do not like rotten meat….go figure.

    • Thanks for the tip, Eric! We’ve been using raw bacon (with good success) but as soon as we run out (or it quits working on these more northern crab) we’ll go for the fish or turkey. 🙂

  2. Joanne Joanne

    Presently sweating it out in Florida. Alaska even on the gray days is so much more appealing. What a cool trip. Thanks for sharing, Laura!

    • I’m with you, Joanne! Thanks for your note…glad you’re enjoying the trip with us! 🙂

  3. Kevin steck Kevin steck

    Stop in at Port Snettisham on your way to Juneau and I will give you a tour of the Sockeye Salmon hatchery that we maintain and operate..We own Tortuga 26-056 my wife and I live here year around. Kevin and Darcy Steck e-mail kevinsteck569@

    • A great offer, Kevin! We may take you up on that!

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