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Baby Bear Bay, Sitka, Leesoffskaia Bay

Airship Goes to Alaska

We left Baby Bear Bay around 9:30am, timing it to get to Sergius Narrows about a half an hour before slack tide. We slowed up and checked conditions through the binocs and it looked fine so we headed through with no issues.

Out past these islands…the Gulf of Alaska:


Tiffani spotted another brown bear on the shore and we went over to get a closer look:





We stopped in Sitka for an hour or so to get a little internet and do some work. We called the Harbormaster (Chuck) and asked if there was a spot where we could tie up for a little bit while we got some provisions, and he made some room for us on the dock between a sailboat and an aluminum fishing boat. He said today (June 30) is just about the busiest day of the year there because it’s the day before king salmon season opens (July 1) and everyone’s very busy readying their boats and stocking up on beer. Chuck was super nice and helpful and didn’t seem stressed at all, considering.


Tiffani and Deke went up to get a few things at the market while we caught up on work, and then we headed out to do a little trolling (caught nothing) on the way to Leesoffskaia Bay. I found this place on the map and the reviews sounded good, so we thought we’d check it out.

Lots of eagles around these parts:



Leesoffskaia Bay is fabulous! We wound in through rocky islets and anchored in the middle of the end of the cove in 20 feet of water. We’re completely surrounded by trees and mountains and eagles flying overhead and it’s SO QUIET. 


Today's track from Baby Bear Bay to Sitka, then trolling, then to Leesoffskaia Bay (38 nautical miles):

BabyBear_Sitka_Leesoffskaia 38nm