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Day 7 – Port Harvey to Pierre’s Echo Bay

Airship Goes to Alaska – Day 7

This morning at Port Harvey, George was down on the dock delivering fresh homemade cinnamon rolls before we headed out:


How great is this? We've got to stop back by here on our way south.


Next stop: Pierre's at Echo Bay. We headed out of Port Harvey, toward Transit Point, up Havannah Channel and on to Chatham Channel, to Knight Inlet, east of Midsummer Island, below Bonwick Island, past the tribal community at Health Bay, through the Fox Group to Cramer Passage and on to Echo Bay. All was calm and clear for our whole scenic cruise today. It was gray this morning, but by the time we got to Pierre's the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.


Pulling into Pierre's Echo Bay:


Mad Dog Mike, Mark Bunzel, Pierre Landry, and Margaret, assisting the arriving boats:


Cabernet, the Krogen 48, has a dog aboard (named Bailey) and it's always fun to watch the "host dogs" get super excited about having another dog around. This is Pierre's Golden Doodle (Echo) greeting Bailey:


Our new spot (next to Thelonius):



No sooner did we arrive than Mark and Pierre got Kevin involved in helping solve another electrical problem. Here they are figuring out how to patch an electrical main feed that had been crushed by the dock.


John's Weather Forecasting Stone:


Pierre's at Echo Bay has a new hot tub this year (co-sponsored by the Waggoner Guide), and later this season there will be a sauna up there as well. Through this door: hot tub, overlooking the marina:


At 3pm a group of us met up to hike over the hill to Billy Proctor's place and then on to Yvonne Maximchuk's painting/pottery studio. (I'll do a second post about Billy Proctor's museum and Yvonne's studio.)


Last night, Pierre fixed us all up with a giant bowl of fresh caught Dungeness crab and a giant bowl of fresh caught spot prawns and we all brought sides.


Here's Pierre:


It was a great evening, at a great spot!


Our track from today (33.42 nautical miles, 4 hours 43 minutes):

Portharvey to echobay


  1. Tanya Tanya

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your travels. I enjoy your blog very much!!

  2. Nancy Nancy

    Since we hope to take this trip at some point, we are very much enjoying your posts. Thanks so much for sharing.

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