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Last Day in Cary, NC


Those are called "American Redbud" and they're all over Raleigh and Cary, in multiple shades of pink. I took these on our walk yesterday to the Fortnight Brewing Company along the Cary Greenway:


We've had such a great time visiting Tiffani and Deke. It's been a pretty chill visit, with much eating and drinking, some video games, a couple movies, an Alt-J concert, and a nice walk yesterday to a brewery (and then more eating). 

Alt-J at the Red Hat Amphitheater on Friday night (great show!):


On Saturday afternoon Deke cooked up some wings on the Traeger. We had four different kinds, with several dipping sauces, and they were ALL fantastic. Yesterday we went to Beasley's Chicken & Honey for chicken and waffles (sides: creamed collards, beets, and mac & cheese):


Deeee-licious! And when we get home, we're starting back on the salad-fish-veggies-chicken diet. OMG seriously.

Also, while we were here, we PLANNED FOR ALASKA! Tiffani and Deke are going to meet us in Juneau in June and cruise Southeast Alaska with us for two weeks. We're ALL so excited! Together we'll see Juneau, Petersburg, and Sitka, and tons of stuff in between!


  1. Leigh Leigh

    Is it still crabbing season in September? 😉

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