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F/V Blue North and A’Town Bistro

On our way to meet our friend Steve for dinner and drinks tonight over at A Town Bistro (great, I'll get to that later), we happened past the Dakota Creek shipyard in Anacortes and this amazing boat:


Turns out this is the F/V Blue North, an Alaskan Cod Fishery Vessel. From the Dakota Creek website:

This longliner is specifically developed for the Alaskan cod fishery and is designed by Skipsteknisk AS in Norway. This new ST 155L design has a moon pool in the center line for one fish to be caught at a time through the internal haul station, which is a first in the United States. The vessel will efficiently utilize proteins onboard- the fish wastage that is commonly ground up and discharged overboard. The internal haul station allows for the release of non-target species, as well as the crew to accomplish their work inside the boat without being exposed to rough seas or freezing temperatures and with no more risk of falling overboard during hauling. 


I can't get enough of these textures!


Hard to believe it's going to look like this when it's finished:


Okay, so, A Town Bistro. So good! Fabulous cocktails, and killer clam chowder made to order (clams from Taylor Shellfish Farms, house cured bacon, cream, house fish fumet, mirepoix and black pepper served with warm baguette). We all shared a great salad, too…arugula tossed in  a champagne vinaigrette with marinated beets, apples, red onions, garnished with beet curls and a hazelnut crusted chèvre cake. Fun Friday night in Anacortes!