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Visitors in Olympia

Yesterday morning our friend Cari came into town to see the boat and hang out a bit. We all walked up to the fish market (Olympia Seafood Co.) to stock up before she left.


We picked up a dozen Blue Pool oysters (which we ate for lunch), some crab cakes (which we ate for dinner), some smoked salmon spread, some frozen razor clams, and a pound each of fresh Alaskan halibut and king salmon. This market is great! The people are super helpful and friendly and we'll definitely come back here! 

After our morning visit with Kari, my mom came up from Kelso with her two white shepherds, Pirate and Journey,  for an afternoon visit and to see the boat. (Olympia's about as close as we'll get to her for a while…about an hour's drive.) We cleated the dogs' leashes and got them set up on the aft deck and went for a little cruise in the bay here. Here's Pirate at the aft door, looking very at home:


It was such a fun visit!

After my mom left we headed back over to Swantown Marina for the night, and this morning after we finish up the first round of work, we'll head up to Hartstine Island. Happy Monday!