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Sunny Seattle in February (again)

It was another beautiful day in Seattle today. Perfectly clear skies and bright sun…warm, even!


We had some more visitors (hi Rebecca and Brian!) mid-day today…we hung out on the boat and visited, grabbed some lunch up at Anthony's, and then hung out on the top deck soaking up the sun and visiting some more. This is Jackson, their son, working on his sketchbook/journal:


Today's entry so far: "We went on a bot with frends" complete with cool drawing of a boat with lots of portholes! So sweet!

I can't get over what a gorgeous day it was/is today! We walked up to the market this afternoon to get some fresh oysters for dinner tonight (a friend from art school who now lives in Seattle is coming over…someone I haven't seen in way too long!) We got six Kumamotos, six Kusshis, and six…oh shoot, I forgot the third kind. Bah. Anyway, tonight we're having oysters, and then Cubano sandwiches (with Kevin's 72-hour pulled pork). Looking forward to another fun evening with good people!

One more shot of the pretty blue sky!