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Stuart Island State Park

Here's where we are now, in Reid Harbor at Stuart Island on our own (for now) little floating dock:


We stopped at Roche Harbor for some provisions (veggies, eggs, meat, wine) before heading over to Stuart Island. We returned to Airship with our groceries and we were about to cast off when the bells from the chapel struck noon. I remembered from our last Roche Harbor visit that the chapel plays several songs at noon, so we waited and listened:

Today's repertoire began with something I didn't recognize, then Somewhere Over The Rainbow, then Misty, then Surrey With a Fringe On Top, and I don't remember what's playing in the video above. Neat though, huh?

Once out of Roche Harbor, we decided to cruise around a little bit before stopping for the day (since our destination was only 6 nautical miles away…not much of a cruise).

It was a little rough on the north side of Johns Island, so we headed back through Johns Pass pass instead of going all the way around Stuart Island like we'd thought about. The green part at Stuart Island, on the top of this image, is Stuart Island State Park:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 4.33.02 PM

We're moored now on a floating dock in Reid Harbor at the Stuart Island State Park. There's one dock attached to the ramp connected to land, a bunch of mooring buoys, and two floating docks. The other floating dock has four boats at it, and two of them are Nordic Tugs (42s, I think). 


We took the dinghy over to shore to register and walk around a bit. Tomorrow I think we'll aim for a longer hike that includes checking out the old schoolhouse. Or maybe we'll leave and go somewhere else since the weather is supposed to be better than originally forecast for tomorrow. 

Ramp up to the land part of the state park:


Looking back toward the harbor:


We walked across to Prevost Harbor. I may like Prevost better, but it's on the north side of Stuart Island without much wind protection, and since it's supposed to be 30kts tonight, we figured Reid was the better choice…so did everyone else, apparently, since this is what the dock at Prevost looks like on a Friday night:


Here's a map of the island, Prevost Harbor on the north side, Reid Harbor on the south side:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 4.49.38 PM

There's no Verizon service here at all, and just a low-medium Edge connection on AT&T, so unfortunately that means we will not be binging on House of Cards tonight, dangit (another reason we might move tomorrow, heh). Good thing it's the weekend!