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Quirky Olympia


This morning we left Swantown Marina and headed around the peninsula to the city dock at Percival Landing. Percival Landing is pretty much IN town. There's no water or electricity for $12/night with a view of the capital building, and a short walk to shops and restaurants.


We walked up to the Olympia Farmer's Market (open on Saturdays now from 10am-3pm, January through March…pretty quiet in the winter season compared to how packed it can be in the summer). We picked up some salad greens, apples, local farm eggs, milk, a small chunk of brie, and some locally made chipotle lime salsa. 



Our friend Kathy stopped to hang out and have lunch with us on her way back from a meeting in Shelton, and we decided to try Old School Pizzeria (on recommendation from a reader) and it was just like he said it would be…delicious! (Thanks Kevin!) The decor was also as he'd described it: frenetic 70s dorm room. We ate our pizza under the watchful gaze (and, um, crotch, not shown in this photo) of Hulk Hogan:


Across the little harbor from us there's an old tugboat called Sand Man. We saw it yesterday when we walked here from Swantown, but today there was an "Open" sign on it….sweet! Let's go see it!



Yeah, it's super gray and rainy today, so all the photos will look like this. (See us over there across the way on the right?)


The view from Sand Man's pilot house:


Sand Man was built in 1910 for Arthur J. Weston, owner of Olympia Sand & Gravel Co., and used mainly to tow barges of sand and gravel. The tug was restored between 1999 and 2005, and competes each year in the tugboat races that are part of Harbor Days (Labor Day weekend). I think we might need to come see that!

Here's an older photo of Sand Man, parked right where she was parked today when we were touring her! (from Sand Man's website).


In the engine room:




After the tug tour, we went by Olympia Seafood Co. to see what their selection is seafood was like, and it's good! We'll stop there for some supplies before we leave here.

Here's our route from today (a whopping 2.3 nautical miles):


But check out our overall track map since we started this South Sound expedition. Neat!


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