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Last Night in Tacoma


Our friend Ingrid met us at the boat yesterday at the end of the day, and we all headed over to her part of the city to have dinner at a spot called Marrow. The cocktails and the food were fabulous (dijon beignets with gruyere sauce and crispy prosciutto, squash confit, house-made pasta with clams and pork belly….), but the company and conversation was the BEST. Such a fun evening!

Here are the photos I take when I first turn my camera on:


IMG_2942 (1)

I like these Chihuly rock candy pops (that’s what I call ’em…they probably have a different name) on the bridge to the glass museum:


Yarn-bombed bike racks outside of Marrow:


We caught a ride back to the marina via Uber and OMG we had the most hilarious driver. Uncle Kenny! Here are just a few tidbits of the in-car conversation:

Kenny (while discussing the economics of Uber income): “My brother is a high IQ kinda guy. He can multiply and shit.”


Us (trying to help him navigate to the marina): “It’s right by the glass museum.”

Him: “I don’t go to no museums! I’m from the ghetto!”

He was actually quite charming, and has his own business cards (which, as he tells us, other Uber drivers think is “brilliant” and he says “That’s just what you call business intelligence!”)

We may go to the glass museum before we leave this morning (since it’s RIGHT there) and then head out to catch the Narrows at slack tide as we head south.



  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Just wondering about my AIS app again as your vessel is not appearing after your tacoma departure. Its fun to scan the ais of the Sound and id the vessels, check port calls, and find out just who’s on the water while I’m not. I have no other ais device while aboard, so I am concerned about data drops etc. Looks like a dedicated transceiver is warranted for robust ship tracking and safety. Sorry about your weather! If you get to Olympia, there is a real New York style Pizzeria called “Old School” that pretty much rocks. I speak as a native New Jerseyite, where pizza is the official state food. The decor is super frenetic 70’s dorm room, complete with pinball. Its along walk from Swantown marina guest docks, so the west channel dock is a better bet. I never eat pizza out anywhere else, which means never since my homeport is now Everett. Wah!

    • On it looks like we dropped off right outside Oro Bay, but on we’re right where we really are.

      We’ll be going to Olympia and might just take your suggestion, thanks! 🙂

      • Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

        Laura, you’re right about the ais app, found you! Lucky Airship, having no mast, you can circle Hartstine Island any way you like if desired. Cool, very snug anchorage at Jarrel cove, small park there for a leg stretch. If you havn’t already, peek at the Hammersly Inlet charts, lots rocks, shoals, and no day beacons, plus barge traffic 24hrs/day at high water slack. I go to Shelton for the annual oysterfest at the Shelton airport fairgrounds. Shelton yacht club hosts the event in Oct and awards a tshirt to the crew who travelled the farthest to be there. Take the crown from me next year!

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