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We’re Back in LaConner


We left Anacortes late this afternoon and cruised Airship through the Swinomish Channel over to LaConner. As we were casting our lines off, I tripped on a cleat (dur) and bit it on the concrete dock (skinned knee, no big deal) but my RayBans decided they'd take a dive off my head and down to the harbor floor. Bum. Mer.

Once we were docked at the marina in LaConner we walked to town to find a pair or replacement sunglasses (non Ray-Ban, but they'll do the trick). I know, it's shocking that we need sunglasses in the Pacific Northwest in the winter, but it's totally true.

We stopped for a beer at LaConner Brewing and now we're back at the boat working a bit. We'll grill up some salmon with pesto sauce for dinner in a little while, and then head south early tomorrow morning (to, maybe, Langley?) to wait out the projected higher wind and windwaves on Saturday afternoon and Sunday before heading to Poulsbo on Monday.

(That's us on the far left, in front of the bigger boat on the guest dock, if you didn't spot us already.)

Map of this afternoon's route through the Swinomish Channel to LaConner, WA:

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 4.51.40 PM


  1. I bought a cute little Lumix GM1 (tiny!) with the hope of always having the camera with me, but I still end up with just the iPhone more often than not. It took me some staring to make out the otter, but there it is 🙂

    Otters are criminally adorable.

    • I almost forgot: who ended up with the fish?

      • Hi Michael! The cormorants ended up with the fish (well, one of them did). I wasn’t sure until I enlarged the shot of the eagle (empty-taloned). 🙂

    • Sitting there within my reach were an iPhone, a Fuji x100s, AND my Nikon D300 with an 18-200mm VR lens, so I have not much in the way of excuses (besides late, dark, not enough time to tweak settings, cute otters distracting me, etc.)

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