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Provisioning at the Seattle Public Market


This afternoon Kevin and I made another trip up the hill to the Public Market for some serious provisioning. This is a great place to provision if you don't mind not having the "one stop grocery store." We brought all our reusable shopping bags and went to a cool gourmet deli (good cherries for Manhattans, truffle pasta), the Mexican Grocery (tamales to put in the freezer for later, fresh corn tortillas for tonight's tacos, two kinds of salsa, black beans, jalapeños, some spices), two produce stands in the market (a ton of stuff), City Fish Co. in the market (fresh salmon, and some prawns for tonight's tacos), the butcher (for some chorizo and thin-sliced bacon for jalapeño poppers, because…Super Bowl), the creamery for some farm fresh eggs and sour cream, and then to Beecher's Handmade Cheese for some cream cheese and Flagship cheddar (also for the poppers). 

It's super foggy down on the water today. It's been mostly coming and going but now (5pm) it's pretty socked in. And the sea lion is gone.