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Blurry Wildlife

Last night I was in bed reading and I heard a little "clomp clomp clomp" above my head so I bolted up to go see what it was (didn't sound like a bird). From the pilot house I looked out toward the bow and up pops the little head of an otter! I could see his breath against the darkness, even! He came around to the dockside pilothouse door, looked in at me, and then hopped down onto the dock. I quickly grabbed my camera but it all happened too fast to get a good shot. (Also, I tend to look at the thing happening far too long with my eyes before I think to grab the camera…I know, some photographer I am!)

Otter, looking left:


I stood outside and watched several of the otter clan splashing around on and off the dock with their midnight snacks. They hopped off an onto the swimstep of a nearby boat…I figured that's how they got onto our boat as well.

Here's a blurry heron a few pilings over:


This morning I got up and was taking a couple photos of the bay here (those weren't blurry), and I noticed about ten feet from the boat, two seabirds fighting over a pretty good sized fish. I watched for a few seconds, then thought "oh hey, I should grab my camera" and as soon as I turned away a giant bald eagle swooped down in an attempt to steal their fish! 


The wildlife around here is just too fast for me! 

We're headed down to Poulsbo, WA today. Here's what it looks like here this morning: