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Blake Island State Marine Park

Yesterday was our day to move from Elliott Bay Marina over to Bell Harbor Marina. We'd planned to go back over to the boat show and hit three more short seminars, but then this:


Get a load of that weather! We decided we'd rather go out cruising around a bit, so after we finished up a bunch of work, we headed out to Blake Island Marine State Park

Blake Island State Park is a 475-acre marine camping park with five miles of saltwater beach shoreline providing magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline. The park is only reachable by tour boat or private boat. Indian-style salmon dinners and demonstrations of Northwest Indian dancing are offered at Tillicum Village, a concession on the island.

Seattle in the rear view:


Approaching the little marina at Blake Island:



Airship, at the dock:


We went for a little hike around the island, checking out the beach and the wildlife:



Nice fort!


Tribal decor:


Downtown Seattle is just over to the right of this photo:


Many, many deer and geese in this open grassy picnic area:


These are beach front campsites, with Seattle just off the left edge of the photo:


Once back at the boat, I made us a couple of salads and we sat on the top deck and had lunch in the sunshine. It was probably 65 degrees F and it was just fabulous. 

We circled Blake Island before heading back toward Seattle and our new moorage at Bell Harbor, and passed a couple of container ships anchored out near the island:



Here's our route…about 20 nautical miles total:

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.01.55 PM

We just couldn't get over what a glorious day it was yesterday. Sunny and warm and JANUARY!!