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Sunrise on Patos Island

The inside of Airship was bathed in the most amazing light during this morning's sunrise: pinks, oranges, yellows…a nice way to start the work day! (That's Orcas Island, in the far distance.)


Kevin just said "People are going to think that photo is fake."

Me: "Why??" 

Him: "Because, you? Up at sunrise?"


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the moon shots. Looks like perfect weather for a birthday cruise.

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Hello! First noticed your ais a week or so ago, found your blog, and then followed you around the San Juans from the comfort of my ipad. Congratulations on all of your intrepid winter wanderings, and thanks for the excellent blog coverage. Wondered how Active the cove would be this time of year, and you let me know! I dislike rolly anchorages. The airborne videos are excellent. Might I suggest a visit to Garrison bay, and the Hike up that darn hill whose name escapes me? Excellent viewpoint, and agood hike, too
    Kevin and Joanne
    SV Sandra Marie Sun Odyssey 36.2 Homeport: North Marina Everett

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for joining us! We’re having a blast and getting spoiled by the off season beauty and solitude up here! Active Cove wasn’t bad the first night, but by the second night the wind had become more north…so…more active for our little cove.
      Garrison Bay! Great…it’s on our list, thank you! We’re in Blind Bay (Shaw) tonight and plan to check out the little store in the morning (the one that used to be run by Franciscan nuns).
      Keep in touch!

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