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Quick Trip to Texas


We've been in San Antonio for a couple days visiting Kevin's mom. It's been a great trip so far. Lots of visiting, lots of exploring, and lots of eating. We had breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana for old times sake (because there's no Tacodeli in San Antonio, only in Austin, and those are the best breakfast tacos in TX). We took Kevin's mom to dinner for her birthday on Saturday night – Restaurant Gwendolyn down on the Riverwalk. It was great! We had the charcuterie board to start (highly recommended) and the 5-course tasting menu and we all really enjoyed the food.

The concept of Restaurant Gwendolyn is extremely old school, using what they had and doing as they did before the break of the industrial revolution: approximately 1850. There are no blenders, mixers, choppers, ice cream machines, deep
fryers, or anything else with a motor–nothing with a plug. 

"No perishable ingredient may travel further than a good, strong horse.

 The menu will move absolutely in lockstep with the seasons, as okra and 
eggplant taper off and leafy greens move in, we must change ourselves to 
suit the product–not the other way around. What is outside is inside."

Old school tableside coffee at Gwendolyn:


Yesterday we did a little research on "the best tacos in San Antonio" and came up with a place called Guajillo's, so we tried it last night for dinner and yep, exceptionally good tacos. We each ordered a different kind of meat, but the taco plates all come with 6 small (4 inch-ish) corn tortillas flat on a plate covered with meat, and a side plate of cilantro, onions, and with my Al Pastor, some pineapple. You build the tacos from there. We traded tacos, and everyone seemed to think the Al Pastor may have been the winner, but they were all delicious.


After tacos we returned to the Riverwalk for some more walking. The trees are all decorated for the holidays and it's super festive down there right now. We took a river barge tour (always fun) and also walked a good distance along the river as well. Here are some photos from the last two nights on the Riverwalk:








Riverside architecture:



We made a quick stop at The Alamo:



Cool amimation/moving projection on the San Fernando Cathedral (happening simultaneously with a concert in the plaza):


A few random shots around the city: