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Walking Port Townsend

This afternoon we took off and wandered around Port Townsend some more. We took the steps at the Haller Fountain up to the upper cliff and explored around up there a bit.


Port Townsend is considered one of the finest examples of a Victorian Seaport in the United States…so much cool Victorian architecure here! (I know, lame, no photos, but just look here.)

Back down on the waterfront:


We've walked several times yesterday and today past Waterfront Pizza on Water Street. The good smells coming from this tiny pizza joint were torture, and we eventually caved and went by today to try a slice for lunch. There were people lined up out the door, and as soon as we sat down at the tiny counter downstairs with our slices it became obvious why. The pizza was DELICIOUS…some of the best we've had. There was one no-nonsense guy separating dough and taking orders, and a woman behind the counter spinning pizza dough like a DJ in perfect rhythm with the electronic playing in the kitchen. She sauced and topped like an artist (again, with the music) and was a blast to watch. Here's a low view of her (blue tank top, white apron) through the scratchy fiberglass barrier:


If you're in Port Townsend and you like pizza, definitely give this place a go. 

After pizza we walked the waterfront back to the marina (avoiding the guy with no fewer than 8 American flags on the corner playing a recording about Jesus while he yelled out stuff to people on the street), going around the back side of a couple wharf buildings and across the grass to the Maritime Center.



Gray today, but no rain so far.