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Today on Sucia Island


This morning after breakfast, Kevin got out the quadcopter and we headed over to Fox Cove to do a few flights so we wouldn't disturb our dock neighbors. 

Kevin flew and I took photos of rocks on the beach (that first one is a rock too, you just can't see it through all the barnacles attached to it):


On our way back to the dock we stopped and chatted for a bit with the other boaters (a super fun bunch…hi John and Debi and Dave and Yukiko!) and it turns out flying the copter was of interest, so Kevin did another flight from the end of the dock next to our boat, and we think we got some cool footage of everyone's boats in Fossil Bay to share. 

On our way out of the bay as we were leaving there were two bald eagles flying around one of the fingers of land to our left. Here they both are (one is harder to see the one on the right of the image because it hasn't quite completed its turn…look for the white tail):


Our ride back to Anacortes was smooth and uneventful (seals, porpoises, mostly really calm water) and super pretty:


We pulled into our slip, rinsed Airship off with fresh water and filled the water tank (oops, we left Anacortes with only half a tank and ran out this morning just as I was finishing up the dishes), and now we're sipping an Amber Road before I make dinner.