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Measure 23 Times, Cut Once

Finally! Today we were in Anacortes with the boat, with the boat name graphics (boat name graphics we've had for over a month), AND the weather cooperated and we had a dry day, so we got out there an applied our boat name!


Most people hire professionals to do their boat graphics, but I designed and ordered our graphics online and figured four years of art school ought to make me reasonably qualified to at least take a stab at applying them myself. (I confess though, I was secretely glad when each time we'd planned to attempt it…awwww, it's raining. Maybe next time.)

We had boat name and home port for the back of the boat and the bottom of the dinghy (in silver and black), and boat name only (in silver) for the port and starboard stripes, toward the bow. As usual, I started with the most important one: the back of the boat. (I do crossword puzzles in pen, too, so it all makes sense.)

It worked! No mistakes, no air bubbles, no drama. 



The silver boat name on each side of the bow looks like this:



We applied the graphics on the starboard side of the bow, then headed out for a quick cruise around Huckleberry Island and then back to our slip, where we backed in this time so we could apply the port side graphics, and the bottom-of-the-dinghy graphics. They're all on, now and I had no problems at all. Pretty remarkable, really.

Here's the dinghy from the next dock over:



Earlier today we headed over to Black Rock Seafood and picked up some halibut and a whole cooked crab, so tonight we're having grilled halibut with lemon dill sauce with sauteed chard and baby shiitake mushrooms, and in the morning I'll make us a little crab/spinach eggs benedict/florentine with hollandaise, before we head home.

Some shots from our short cruise:






And here's our track:


Our Frigibar decktop fridge/freezer came in a few days ago. (That's why we made a very quick trip up this weekend, to figure out where we want it before holes are drilled.) It looks great, is very well made, and should be installed and wired this week. That's the last thing and then the boat is ours to take wherever we want for however long we want. Not sure yet where that will be, but we'll let you know!