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A Choppy Day on the Water

We woke up early this morning in Friday Harbor (with the help of that extra hour, thanks Daylight Savings Time). We decided to have a quick breakfast and head out early while it was still nice and calm.


Well, that didn't last long at all:


Originally we thought we'd take the long way home, around the bottom of Lopez Island, but quickly realized it was not going to be a very pleasant ride as we were approaching Cattle Point. Super rough (see above)! We bailed on that plan and headed back the way we came, around the north end of Lopez, then north of Blakely Island through Peavine Pass. Here's our route (click image to enlarge):

Rough ride

After a very windy fueling up at the fuel dock (docking with the wind, so, plastered up against the dock), and then another stop at the pump out dock (docking against the wind, so tons of power to get TO the dock in the first place) we got back nicely in our slip, washed the boat with fresh water, squeegeed the windows, and then went up to Anthony's for some fish and chips and a beer. We're back cozy in the boat now, doing some work to get ready for the week.

Here's what it looked like (still) as we approached Anacortes:

Airship handles like a champ!

Also, here's our track from the weekend: Anacortes up to Patos Island (twirling around a bit while we watched HUMPBACK WHALES!!, then moored for the night in Active Cove on Patos (with the spin around the island on the dinghy not shown), then on Saturday morning down to Jones Island, then Deer Harbor on Orcas Island, then Friday Harbor for the night, then this morning out to the rough water, um, nope, back the way we came and to Anacortes the wussy more pleasant way:

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 5.39.12 PM