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Cocktailware for Airship

The boat should not have to use the hand-me-down Target cocktail shaker from our 2005 Airstream, should it? Here's what we got for it instead (Update: DON'T BUY THIS, SEE COMMENTS BELOW):


Mid-Century Cocktail Shaker with a wood top ($23), and the Wood-handled Bar Tools 3-piece set ($31), both from West Elm.


2014/11/20 update: I received this cocktail shaker and tools (the tools are fine) the other day, and could not get the lid off the cocktail shaker. The cap lid with wood was inside (presumably) but the metal to metal top of the shaker would not come off no matter what I tried. I submerged just the top half in hot water (to expand the metal). No go. I twisted and pushed and twisted and pushed with a grippy thing. No go. I tapped it sideways on the cutting board. Won't budge. I probably worked at it for about 20 minutes with not even a slight tick of movement. 

Since I'd gotten a tip (post-purchase) from my friend Kathy that this cocktail shaker was sub par in person and that she returned hers pretty quickly after she got it, I was already expecting it might not be as good as advertised. I called West Elm customer support and they said to keep the one I received and they'd send out a new one right away. The support person said if I get the lid off eventually, then great, I'll have two shakers. Alright then.

Next step: hammer. My friend Kathy said that on hers, the wood top on the cap of the strainer opening part of the shaker would not stay on, so it just became an extra step to take off TWO tops before pouring the cocktail. So I figured if I damaged the shaker part with the hammer, I'd at least be able to get the wooden top out and have a backup in case one was bad. The hammer worked and the top popped off (no dents, even).  I unwrapped the wooden top and the wood wasn't even pretending to be attached to the metal part. At all. The glue had separated long ago…and the wood was thin and cheap-looking. Disappointing.

So, I'll see what I get as a replacement, and perhaps get out the epoxy to rejoin the wood to the metal cap…but all in all, NOT what I was hoping for.

UPDATE: The replacement is JUST AS BAD. DON'T BUY THIS.