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We’re at Sucia Island


Yesterday afternoon we left Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes and headed out to Sucia Island, just north of Orcas. The weather was gray, but gray in that way that makes the water and the sky all blue and silvery.


The cruise was about 2.5 hours and we saw TONS of porpoises and a few seals (and when we got to Sucia, a dozen or so otters). Good day for sea life! 

Porpoises off of Orcas Island:


Sucia Island State Park is a Washington State Marine Park and it's absolutely gorgeous here. We grabbed a mooring buoy in Fossil Bay at about 5:30pm, took the dinghy to shore to pay our $12 bucks for overnight moorage, walked around a little bit on the island before headed back to Airship to make dinner and do some work. (We're getting good at the mooring buoy thing. Next up: anchoring!)

Here's where we are:

Fossil bay

Arriving at Fossil Bay, Sucia Island:


If you moor at the dock there are picnic tables all along it for the boat campers. On the island there are quite a few gorgeous campsites with picnic tables, fire pits, and incredible views. 


Looking across to Fox Bay:


Walking the dock back to our dinghy (you can see Airship moored out past the dock, just to the right):


Back to the boat for dinner and more work:


We flew over this island just a few weeks ago…pretty cool to see it from up there and now down here. Fossil Bay is the long skinny bay in bottom leftmost finger (you can see a handful of boats moored there — and that's Canada in the distance):


This is the view we woke up to this morning:


I can't wait to get over there and hit those trails!