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Leaving Fossil Bay


That's Fossil Bay this morning just before we left. We left this incredibly beautiful place so we could get more reliable internet to do some work this morning. Once we have our new Moovbox internet set up, this will NOT happen again. 🙂

Here's where we are now: West Beach Resort on Orcas Island. We grabbed a mooring buoy for a few hours and we'll probably take the dinghy in to see what they have at the little store (and get rid of our trash) before heading over to Stuart Island. They don't charge you if you're just hanging out for a few hours (and there's no one else here).



Here are a few more photos from Sucia Island/Fossil Bay that I didn't get to post last night:



Spritzes on the deck, again:



I also found a couple photos I forgot to post from Anacortes, so I'll just put 'em here. In the SeBo Do-it-Yourself hardware store (the one that can't make a decent copy of a key that works)…they have an enormous collection of boutique sodas. Enormous. This is a photo of maybe 1/8th of the shelves:


And this one. I forget if this was in the Safeway or the Market of Choice in Anacortes, but I love the things all gathered into this one aisle…an aisle I'll call: "Stuff for the Living Things You Have to Take Care Of."