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An Unexpected Break in the Weather

All weekend it's been super stormy up here in Anacortes. It's been fine, since we had projects to work on and no plans to go out on the boat. (Plus, one of the solar panels is not yet attached to the roof of the pilot house.)

Stormy view out the front pilot house window:


Somewhere around 3pm this afternoon it stopped raining and I thought I'd go out and work on cleaning the dinghy. It's got a bit of diesel exhaust staining on the port side of its bow and I found some biodegradable stuff that works pretty well to remove it. Kevin came out and helped me for a bit, but pretty soon the sky was really clearing up nicely. The radar showed that most of the precipitation had gone past us, so we decided to go out for a little cruise. Kevin strapped the solar panel securely to the roof and off we went.


This is what the little pump out island (dump station for boats) looks like, in case you wondered:


Big ship at anchor outside the marina:


It was calm and gorgeous out! We thought we'd just go around Guemes Island, but we headed for a little private island called Vendovi instead, went up toward Lummi a bit, then headed back towards home. (And we saw so many porpoises today!)



The south tip of Lummi Island:


With the new inverter, Kevin was able to make us cappuccinos while underway without turning on the generator. Sweet!


The sky as we were on our way back to the marina was incredible.




Same big ship, looking a little post-apocalyptic:


Back into the marina:


Kevin docked us like a boss and now we're sipping martinis and having a little snack of pickled herring and some good Gouda (feeling pretty Nordic here now). The halibut is cooking and I'm sauteeing some baby shiitakes and baby bok choy (neither had the chance for a full life, so sad), along with some of the leftover chorizo, zucchini, and clams from last night. 


The halibut has a marinade of lime juice, olive oil, mustard, Italian parsley, salt and pepper.


Wow, both of these dishes have the same color pallete. Oh well.