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Twenty Pounds of Blueberries


Yesterday we headed over to Cora's Crop Blueberry Farm (just down the road from Champoeg State Park), to pick some blueberries. And by "some" we meant business because we came home with 20lbs of the dang things.




There were so many gorgeous ripe berries that it was hard to stop picking! We filled two smaller buckets and one large bucket right to the top, so we had no choice but to stop unless we wanted to start filling our pockets. It was so much fun!

Twenty pounds!! (I think they were about $1.20/lb.) We've got a couple big bags of berries in the freezer already, but we'll probably freeze a bunch more today. 

Last night we smoked some jalapeno poppers and filled ourselves up a little too much with those for my original, more elaborate dinner plan, so we just roasted a couple hot dogs over the fire (always a big hit with the 6-year olds), followed by marshmallows, of course.


We're heading down to McMinnville this afternoon to Willamette Wine Country RV Park (awww, no more campfires), but we'll be at a drum corps show tonight so we won't miss it too much.