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Point Hudson Marina


We're at Point Hudson Marina and RV Park for a few days (in Port Townsend, WA). This place is just about perfect as far as I'm concerned. Boats going in and out, the halyards softly tapping with the wind against sailboat masts, seagulls, a nice sea breeze blowing through the Airstream, all the windows open…you get the idea. 

We'll be mostly working today, but the office has a fabulous view:



Looking left from the Airstream front door:


Looking straight out the back:


We're in one of the two sites at the very point with no hookups, which is no issue at all for three nights as long as we aren't under a bunch of trees that block the solar panels (we're not). Also, the dry camping sites are only $20/night. I think there's Wi-Fi here too but we arrived after the office was closed so we haven't gotten the password yet.

After we finish up with work we'll get the bikes out and go explore a bit (and stop at the grocery store for some supplies).


  1. TSCS206 TSCS206

    Where are you headed next? We (of the yellow T@B) will be at the American Heritage campground outside Olympia 8/1-3 for the T@B rally. Should be a good time, and I’ll think we’ll pop out between potlucks to hit the Farmers’ Market.

    • Oh hello, you of the yellow T@B! We’re home in Portland now for a few weeks. We’ve got some business travel and other Portlandy things to do. Where are you headed after Olympia?

      • TSCS206 TSCS206

        We’ll be home in Seattle…next planned stay with “Sunny” is Wine Country RV in Prosser 9/13. We actually just sold our condo in PDX (Hawthorne District) but we’ll be down there twice in the next 2 months for parties/weddings. Depending on weather, we’ll try to get her out a few more times before November (she has no heater, brrrrr).

  2. We totally drove by the Glen Ayr hotel to check it out on our way out of Hood Canal. We did stay at the Rest-A-While RV park you were wondering about in your post. Here’s a link to it from J5MM: What I really liked about it is that the owner comes out a specific time every Saturday (or Sunday?) and walks his guests down to the beach and everyone can dig for clams and pick oysters. It was an awesome experience for B. Thanks for the heads up on the Hama Hama Oyster Bar — that would be a place we would definitely hit the next time out. Looked delish!

    • Oh that sounds fantastic! We’ll plan ahead next time and reserve a spot there instead. I can’t (so far) get enough of the shellfish when we’re in this area. 🙂

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