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Living Forest Waterfront Campsites

This is what the campsites along the waterfront look like here at Living Forest Oceanside Campground and RV Park:


Our spot is on the terrace right above (I took this from the dinette window). The park is terraced so in additional to all the waterfront sites there are plenty of water view sites as well.

The tide is out this morning so you can see a lot of land and marsh, but when the tide is in it's all waterfront. The non waterfront sites are forested and private and gorgeous. Most of the sites are full hookup, and the park has Wi-Fi available (it cost us $10 Canadian for a week). If you don't want to pay for Wi-Fi, the little cafe/snack bar just to the right of that open campsite there has free Wi-Fi. In the mornings you'll see five or six people sitting outside in little chairs with their phones and tablets. (We actually can get free Wi-Fi from the cafe from our site here, so if you're near the cafe, your chances are good.)

This is a beautiful park and an easy bike ride away from downtown Nanaimo. We would defintely stay here again!