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Late Dinner in Florence

Tonight for dinner, we went here:


We walked in around 8:45pm (right smack in the middle of Florence dinner time…maybe a little on the early side even) and we made the "tavolo per due" sign with a question mark look on our faces and were told very nicely "within 10 minutes" and directed to a comfy bench next to the wine. In a few minutes, we were handed two small glasses of house wine. Well, we're off to a great start already!

We were seated before we'd finished the tiny glasses of wine, and all the food passing by our table looked great. We ordered an artichoke salad to share, and a papardelle with ragu of cinghiale (wild boar, their speciality), and a cinghale steak with roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach..also to share. 

It's cool here in and around Florence (and maybe more of Italy, I don't know) because wild boar is a total nuisance animal. They run around and eat all the crops and people hunt them like crazy as a sort of  "pest control" and "game food" combiation, so I don't feel bad eating them, at all. Plus, cinghiale is really good. (Too bad raccoon isn't known as a really yum thing to eat!)

Back at the apartment now, heading to bed, worrying about the big hill outta town in the morning. I'm probably worrying for nothing, but I think some of that is hereditary (hi Mom! love you!) 🙂