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Hand-Made Italian Leather Shoes


We got back to our apartment after the FANTASTIC Fiat 500 Tour today and parked our bikes in the courtyard. They really look like they belong here, don't they?

Next, we headed across the river to check out a shoe shop I read about online: Leonardo Shoes — (leather shoes hand made here in Firenze).

Ponte Vecchio in the distance:


Guy making Dutch chalk art on an Italian street:


At Leonardo's it didn't take long for us to find two pairs each and now we really will need to send a box home via the slow boat (with all of our old stuff, of course).

Behold the new Italian shoes.




Mine (the leather on both of these is crazy soft!!):



We're pretty psyched about our purchases. Leonardo was very helpful and gave good advice…it can be hard to narrow it down in there!

We stopped at Gilli in the Piazza Repubblica and had an apertif after our shoe splurge, and then headed home to make some dinner. The light was gorgeous on our walk home:



Dinner was a quick chicken/basil/tomato/garlic/tortellini/squash/squash blossom dealie, along with another good bottle of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. 

Tomorrow we've rented a car (I think a new Fiat 500) to use for exploring more Tuscany/Chianti. The plan is to ride the bikes to the car rental place, fold 'em up into the car, drive toward Siena and stop at as many places on our list as we can. We were planning to take the bus, but figured for not THAT much more we could add a TON of freedom and time by renting a car.