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Waldport and Alsea Bay, Oregon


Today we're in Waldport, camped out on the Alsea Bay. Not too much to report today, since mainly we're just working. We took some time mid-day to walk around town a bit though. We walked over the Alsea Bay Bridge and back, through the main part of town, along the beach, and then back to the Airstream. Our walk was just over 4 miles, and I think we've got a pretty good idea of the area. Here are some snaps from the walk:

Lint Slough:


Screaming monkey driftwood:


The Alsea Bay Bridge:


Bridge detail:




Pattern below the bridge:


Okay this lot of sea lions was the QUIETEST, MOST STILL group of sea lions I've ever seen. Ever. They could have all been dead for all we knew. Seriously. I saw one move though, so they probably were just post-fish-gorge-napping here:


Back at our quiet camp working now for the rest of the day. 



  1. It’s good to see you guys out on the road! We just booked a few weeks on the Oregon coast for June. 🙂

  2. Vicki Engelstad Vicki Engelstad

    So jealous! It sounds like you are having the perfect trip!

  3. rlandis rlandis

    Laura & Kevin: you are a sterling example of IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. Well done………now…..tell the truth… bad were they?? LOL

    • I know…I waffled about writing anything. They don’t even know about our blog so I had total freedom to write whatever, too, but I was feeling generous. (Kevin said as we were chatting with them he kept wondering “Is she going to tell them about the blog, or is she going to make fun of them?”) It was mostly just a whole bunch of embarrassing (to us) naive/ignorant verbalizations, but then….they’re here, traveling, broadening themselves and taking notes and trying to learn, so in the end I really didn’t feel as much like poking fun.

  4. Ghoffman Ghoffman

    What is the price of the tour?

    • If you click the link in the second paragraph you can find all the information about this tour. Seemed really reasonable for what it was!

  5. Vicki Engelstad Vicki Engelstad

    Curious, and I apologize if you addressed this in an earlier post, why you took your own bikes?

    • No worries, Vicki. We took our own bikes because in part that’s why we got them: to be able to pack them up and take them places (mainly for the Airstream, but we decided we wanted to try traveling with them overseas too, since the bike purchase and this Italy trip lined up well together). They come apart and fit into regular, checkable suitcases, and since we were going to be in an apartment in Florence for two weeks, we could also have bikes for exploring from there…

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