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Sea Creatures on the Oregon Coast

1. First we ate some sea creatures for lunch at the South Beach Fish Market:


We had razor clams, prawns, and halibut fish & chips. 

2. Then, we headed over the Oregon Coast Aquarium to look at some sea creatures behind glass.

Behold, the giant octopus:


Sea nettles, and moon jellies:




Colorful anemones:


This one was about 10 inches across (or more):


I always wondered what sand dollars looked like when they were alive. They're purple, and fuzzy:


We were there for the 1pm feeding of the otters…always entertaining!


Backlit bat ray, taken from the tunnel in the "open waters" section of the "Passages of the Deep" exhibit:


Non-pictured sea creatures we also saw: puffins, sharks, sea lions, harbor seals, tons of starfish, halibut, a bunch of sea birds, and a really ugly but cool wolf eel (as he lunged for a fish!). 

3. We stopped on our way home and picked up some sea creatures to eat for dinner. We got a couple pounds of clams that I plan to cook up with some garlic, white wine, and saffron, along with an arugula salad and that'll be that. 

The sun is out and we're continuing the rest of our work day from camp:


A good day on the Oregon Coast!

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  1. Stephanie Stephanie

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing with us that are snowed in at home 😛

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