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Camping at the Bolstad Homestead

Here we are at Kyle's family's place this morning in Bigfork, Montana (from the hexacopter):


Our Airstream is the one on the far right, by the airstrip, and Kyle's Airstream is on the left near his family's house (and that little cluster of dots over on the far right edge is Kevin, Kyle, and me):


We had such a nice visit with Kyle and his parents! We left late this afternoon and got to Coeur d'Alene and will spend the night here, work in the morning, and then make some more progress toward home. It was a gorgeous drive! (Okay but seriously, what is WITH the lack of cell service on that HUGE chunk of I-90? It's an INTERSTATE, right??)

We got to our campground and saw that we were parked right across from a cute little gazebo lined with surfboards. I looked on the map and saw that it was "Spa 1" and "Spa 2." Score!! We got parked and walked over to make sure they were still open (it was only 7:30pm) but sadly, there's a paper sign taped on the door: "Closed after Labor Day" Bah!

We went for a walk instead and now will sip some wine and do some work.