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Brooks Memorial State Park Campground

We got a late start yesterday. Our contractor and the roofers were there at our house tearing off our old roof and it was just too exciting. (Plus, we still had some work to finish up, and a hike to do, and packing, etc.) We didn't get on the road with the Airstream until about 3:30pm. Just in time for the awesome Portland rush hour (or hours, as the case may be). Oh well.


We made it as far as Brooks Memorial State Park Campground off of 97, near/in Goldendale, WA. It's a pretty basic campground. Not much cell service and very weak Verizon data service. We went to bed early and then got up the morning and headed out for a hike. The camp host gave us some great directions for a nice hike: 4.3 miles, up to an open meadow where on a clear day you can see Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. Today was not so clear, probably due to the smoke from nearby forest fires.

Here are a few snaps from our morning hike:





And now, heading north! We'll be gathering at Leigh & Brian's place along with a group of other Airstream friends, and then we'll head into Canada and eventually meet up with a few more silver buddies at Banff. Should be a blast and we'll (try to) keep you posted!