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I Gave In and Bought the Falcon Enamelware Bowls


I couldn't help it. I was in the neighborhood and I found myself in the parking lot of Schoolhouse Electric! What else to do, really? (Okay, so I live in the neighborhood, whatever.)

The Airstream's new nesting bowls, by Falconware (low light iPhone photo):

Photo (24)

I picked up a large white salad bowl from Crate & Barrel last week (in anticipation that I might possibly be going back to get this Falconware set). After looking at these nesting bowls the first time (though I loved them) I felt like I needed one larger bowl for big salads. This one nests just perfectly with the rest of the set:

Photo (25)

The OXO nesting bowls I currently have in the Airstream can now replace the old mismatched bowls I have at home. I never thought I'd have an RV that gave its hand-me-downs to the house, but that seems to be what happens around here. 🙂