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Three Ships and a Sunset


This morning around 5-something a.m. we were woken up by this ship's fog horn. We probably heard the horn five or six times before we saw the ship emerge from the fog as it headed toward Astoria. I think this ship is the Seastar Endurance. There's a great site we use called The Ship Report to look up the ships while we're camping here at Skamokawa, and you can find it here.

Several more have gone past this morning already, and we haven't even had breakfast yet!

This is the Ansac Splendor, coming from Japan, carrying Soda Ash:


And this is the Celestial Wing (which I think we've seen before), also from Japan, carrying Hondas:


And here's a nice impressionist photo of the colors of the sunset last night:


I handed my mom my camera and forgot to take it off macro mode, but you get the idea.