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Sunday in the Columbia Gorge


Today we hung out for a bit at a morning campfire with the Weaselmouth clan before they headed North, and then we headed out to pick up some supplies for the rest of the week.


Here at the base of the Bridge of the Gods at Cascade Locks every day there's a tent/stand where Native American fishermen/women sell fresh and smoked fish. We picked up some smoked salmon last week and it was fabulous so we went to go back and get some fresh salmon for filets and smoking. 

You can see them here in the right of the image:



Cool Lewis & Clark mural under the bridge:


We got half of a salmon ($10/lb) and some fresh organic cherries from the tent next door, then drove over to check out the Sternwheeler down the road at the Cascade Marine Park:


They do sternwheeler sightseeing cruises on the Columbia River (as well as dinner/brunch cruises) and we also learned that there's a little campground there on the river.


The view is pretty nice (partial parking lot with people fishing, but still pretty). The train is nearby, so it could be a little loud at night. Here's what the campsites look like:


The marine park has a lot of riverfront here and it's pretty and looks very nicely maintained:


We headed back across the river, picked up a few things at the market in Stevenson, and on the way back decided while we were scoping campgrounds we'd scope this place we kept noticing: Skamania Coves.


From the road we could see campsites with little decks and although it's between the road and the train tracks, it still could be really nice with this great view:




We've been really happy here at Timberlake Campground this past week or so and I know we'll definitely be back. The staff is fabulous, the sites are gorgeous, and it's really peaceful out here.


These solar lanterns we picked up at Ikea look so great at night hanging in the trees:


We're having grilled Chinook salmon for dinner tonight, of course. We cut two filets for tonight, cut four more to freeze for future dinners, and we're brining the tail section to smoke on the Traeger. 


Tomorrow we're heading up to the Olympic Peninsula to explore for the week!