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Hiking, Beacon Rock, Free Food

Great visit with our friends from Holland the past couple days. Friday night we cooked some halibut en papillote with yams and asparagus soup and spent the evening out by the campfire roasting marshmallows on our new cool telescoping roasting forks.


These are the roasting forks. We picked up four of them from REI last week:


They extend to 42 inches (!!!!) and have a little wheel on the grip that you can turn to rotate your marshmallow or whatever you're roasting. They work great, and come in multiple colors. Find them here.

Yesterday I cooked up an egg scramble with veggies for breakfast and after a while of lounging in the sun we headed out for a hike down near Beacon Rock. We decided on the Pool of the Winds hike, and as we got closer to Beacon Rock State Park we thought we maybe should have lunch before the hike rather than after, but by that time we were too far past any towns that had food. Also, we didn't really bring any water, so we filled up a bottle we found in the car at a drinking fountain and headed to the trailhead. There was an employee at the front of the parking lot greeting people and Hey Guess What? Today they're celebrating 100 years of Washington State Parks and there's a barbecue up in the upper parking area with free food and cake (and it turns out, bottles of water!)

So we sat here and had lunch before our hike (view of Beacon Rock in the background):



The hike was beautiful:


We stopped a few times to smell the wildflowers:



After our hike we stopped again at Carson Hot Springs for a soak and a wrap (since we were going to pass right by it anyway….)  :)

Here's a nice view of Bonneville Dam on the way back to camp:


The weather has been gorgeous out here, as you can tell. We live so close to this area and we hardly ever come out here, so it's nice to be getting the time to explore a bit.