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Columbia River Gorge Camping


We're camping out in the Columbia River Gorge this week. We successfully installed our ProPride hitch yesterday afternoon (with only one trip to an auto parts store to get a couple of shorter bolts) and all seems solid there. The Airstream tows great and hitching and unhitching is fairly easy. I'm sure as we get even more familiar with it we'll be as fast or faster than we were with our old hitch.

It rained the whole way out here and just as we were getting parked it stopped, so I quick set up the tiki torches in case they're able to absorb some of this sunlight that's shining here for the moment. Our spot is super wooded and green and gorgeous, and I think the weather is only going to improve. Lucky us! I'll wait until I know for sure though before I put the chairs out so they don't just get immediately soaked. 

Crossing the Bridge of the Gods in Stevenson, WA:


We're at Timberlake RV Park and Campground and so far, it's lovely. Good AT&T cell service and campground Wi-Fi.