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Airstream Style: Another Summer Chair Roundup

SO many people ask me about our folding red deck chairs (and some of you have even gotten yourselves a set just like ours, making my mom do double-takes each time she sees your photos on facebook, thinking it’s us because it’s the same model Airstream, and the same red chairs, but then no because you have a dog and we don’t, so that’s a good giveaway, she says). 🙂


Bodega Bay, CA, last summer

We got them at World Market a few years ago and they were inexpensive. They’ve held up well, they’re super comfy, but they’re clunky as heck to travel with for sure (16 pounds each!). The Zip Dee red ones we have are much easier to deal with, but no high backs, no drink holders, and they’re standard height, not low beach chair height like these, which I really like.

I got to looking at chairs again recently and thought I’d share what I found. We met some people a month ago or so with a 75th Anniversary Edition Bambi, and they had these chairs, by Kermit Chair:


They come in a bunch of colors, are really lightweight (5.3 lbs), comforable (I sat in one, they’re great), and they fold up into that bag for a really compact and space-saving option. Originally designed in 1984 by a motorcycle rider, they’ve now gained a fairly intense and cult-like following. They retail for $139 and there are add-on options such as drink holders, leg extensions (if you prefer your chairs tall), and even a cute little side table to match. If you’re tight on space and you want some comfy chairs, I’d highly recommend these Kermit chairs.

A few weeks ago I saw these online made by Snow Peak: The Low Beach Chair


Love that they have orange! They have bamboo arm rests and a lightweight aluminum frame, and they apparently fold up pretty compact (8 lbs) and fit inside a nice carrying case that comes with them, but I haven’t tried one yet. There’s a Snow Peak showroom in the Pearl District in Portland so we thought we’d go by when we’re in town and see how they are in person. ($149.95/ea)

Ikea had these folding striped sling chairs last time I was in there and they were pretty cute (and seriously inexpensive at $24.99 each):


I still really love the look of these folding deck chairs from Gallant & Jones (about $270-$380 each, depending on the fabric it seems):


They’ve got a ton of different colors and patterns to choose from, too, if you feel like a splurge.

REI’s got these Byer Pangean Glider Chairs that look pretty sweet (they come in forest green, too) for $75:


Not sure how comfotable the sling chair design would be sitting at the campfire, though. They look more like sun chairs to me.

Also the Stowaway Low Chair for $45 at REI looks super lightweight (folds up into a small bag):

Here’s a cute one: The Sully Sand Chair from Charleston Beach Chair Co.:


If none of these really feel like the perfect chair and you want to match that fabulous fabric you got for your custom curtains, you can always try making your ownHere’s a cool little tutorial I found for making your own wooden folding sling beach chair.


I know there are a ton of other types of camping chairs (especially the Camping World, WalMart, Sporting Goods, REI offerings). I really like my chairs to be comfortable AND stylish, low for the campfire, reclinable, with drink holders (so you don’t always have to pull the little table out). I want chairs that will fold up nice and flat for transporting, chairs that will last and withstand a bit of sun and rain, and I always try to find all of this in a chair that’s not the same as what anyone else has (I know, tall order). I may have found a better-made, lighter weight version of the chairs we have now and I’m tempted to upgrade pretty soon.

If you have any other favorites you feel like throwing into the pot here, feel free to add the links in the comments section.