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Sunday Tweaks and Fixes

It was blue sky and white puffy clouds most of the day today. We did a short hike in the morning…


…then off to Container Store, Home Depot, and the market for some supplies. 

Inside the overhead cupboards of our 2005 Airstream (22' International) the sidewalls were orange, so when the lights in the cupboard were on the cupboards had a nice warm glow. I was thinking last night that I wanted that glow in our bedroom cabinets, so today I bought some orange tissue paper from the wrapping paper section of The Container Store and covered each sidewall and then screwed it back in. Voila! Nice warm glow is back!


It was very simple to do (tissue paper, folding around rounded shapes, and scotch tape) and you really could chose any color you could find for an accent. Makes a big difference! (The glow in the middle is from our beach towels that we keep up there.)


When we had our new water heater installed at George Sutton a couple weeks ago, I was less than thrilled about how the new switch plate looked. I know, not everyone thinks about the aesthetics of things, but a beige switch plate on white cabinet fronts? With those huge crooked labels?


Nothing a little spray paint, a new white switch plate, and some tiny Helvetica transfer letters can't fix:




For comparison:


Come on…what were they thinking with that other one? đŸ™‚

I also lined a few of the drawers with a liner. The last time I used a drawer liner it just bunched up and was useless in the long run. This stuff is more like…well, I don't know…kind of like the bamboo things you use to roll sushi. It seems durable, and nubby, and I went ahead and tacked down each corner with museum putty so it'll stay put. So far, so good.



(My mom saw that knife this weekend and said "Wherever did you get that KNIFE?" I'm not sure she liked it as much as I do.)

Also, I added a couple more 3M hooks by the door to hold our sunglasses. 


Pretty good list of tweaks and fixes for a Sunday afternoon.