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Falcon Enamelware


I've been eyeing this set of nesting enamel bakeware from Falcon Enamelware for a while now and after shuffling all the mismatched non-nesting trays/pans that I keep stored in the oven several times this week (while organizing everything else in the Airstream), I decided to splurge on this set and ditch the ugly mismatches. (Oh, and I picked up four of those little enamelware cups too…how cute are those?)

The set includes:

  • Two 12 fl oz pans: 7.8"L, 5.7"W, 1.9"H
  • One 71 fl oz pan: 12.2"L, 10"W, 1.9"H
  • One 94 fl oz pan: 13.3"L, 11"W, 1.9"H
  • One 106 fl oz pan: 14.5"L, 11.8"W, 2.3"H

This will allow me to get rid of a 13" x 9" cake pan, a shallow rimmed pan about the same size, and the large glass casserole I store under the bed for making fritattas. This set will add a few things nice enough to serve in (allowing us to ditch the unnecessary ceramic tray we bought on the road to use for our Thanksgiving Smoked Duck this past November). It also adds a couple of small pieces that look like they'll be perfect for cooking individual portions of whatever.

I was originally going to order straight from Falcon in the U.K. before I remembered that a local place in Portland, Oregon called Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. carried this whole line (cheaper, too)! While I was browsing their website, I also found this great set of prep bowls, and well…I was hoping they looked as good in person as they did online, but the largest size started a bit small. I'd need one more larger bowl if I were going to completely replace the set I have now. I was seriously tempted though.


Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. is a super hip spot over in the industrial area of Northwest Portland. If you're ever in the neighborhood it's worth a visit.


I posted previously about these great wall sconces before (Radar Sconce), and they are just as great in person. I still think there's gotta be a good spot in the Airstream for one. Or two. 


Check out these really cute "Home Team Pennant Pillows" also available at Schoolhouse Electric:


A fun day in town! 

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  1. We got several light fixtures and shades from them for our stick house. That was almost ten years ago, and I think that sort of thing was all they carried. Glad to see them expand. That nested enamelware is perfect!

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