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A Couple More from Ike Kinswa, and Night No. 500!!

I forgot to upload these yesterday…just some experiments with my new Fuji x100s. Geeking out on macro and the different film settings:



And here's where we stayed last night at Armitage Park in Coburg just outside of Eugene:


We really wanted to stay at Richardson Park over at the Fern Ridge Reservoir but turns out it doesn't open until April. Oh well, no big. The Wi-Fi at Armitage is fast fast fast.

I think I mentioned that we're dropping off the Airstream today at George Sutton RV for some tweaks. But guess what? Last night was night number 500 in this Airstream since we got it in April 2010! Pretty cool that we decided not to just drop off the trailer and go home on night 499, huh? (Nights spent total in both of our Airstreams: 658)

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  1. Tiffani Tiffani

    Nice milestone. We should celebrate, don’t you think?

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