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At Home: Reporting back about our new standing desks

A few of you have asked to see what the end result of our standing desk build looks like. Here it is after we got things set up at first (pre wire-taming):


This was before cushy mats and stools arrived. Kevin's desk is on the left and you can see that it is higher than mine because he's taller. While he was in Singapore for a week and I was standing at my desk for the first few days, in socks, my feet were (not surprisingly) a little sore and tired after a bit. It was still going to be a week until our mats and stools arrived so I decided to drag my little trampoline from the workout room to Kevin's taller desk and stand on that for the week he was gone. I liked it!

After he got back I raised my desk up and now I have the trampoline in front. I still like it…even after a couple weeks. We ended up not using the stools at all (hey! new bar stools upstairs!) and we're pretty happy with the new set up.

Here are some super crappy photos of what my trampoline desk looks like:



We installed little hooks on the cord taming apparatus under the desks for us to hang our laptop bags on and we both are really happy with all the changes we made. (Wonder how we'll do when we're back out in the Airstream, working at the dinette all day!)


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Laura. Great use of the trampoline! I have my trampoline in our office and it’s always in the way.

    I’ve been wanting to revamp our office for the past 6 months (much to my husband’s dismay). When I met my husband he had a standing desk and loved it. I’ve not yet figured out how to set things up to keep our harbor view, have good work flow and standing desks without buying several new pieces of office furniture. The plan is lower priority for now.

    I’d love to hear more about your physical experiences using your standing desks. I was a friends years ago who had his laptop customized to a workstation fitted to hist treadmill. Pretty cool but a bit hard to type . . .

  2. Oh so nice to have space! Looks great.

  3. I LOVE the flooring in that room!

  4. Teela Teela

    Did you put the picture of the standing desks on your monitor in the first pics on purpose? To make me feel like I was getting sucked into a repeating dimension? ‘Cause I did.

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