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Day Trip to Mt. Hood


This morning we headed up to Mt. Hood to play in the snow and have some lunch. Kevin's mom requested we stop at the pizza place we used to go after skiing (when we used to ski, before we went out and bought all our own ski equipment and promptly stopped skiing and found a new hobby). The place is called Paola's Pizza in Sandy, Oregon, and we'd stop and have dinner or late lunch after a good day of skiing, when we were tired and cold and hungry, and the pizza was amazing. Or maybe it wasn't. Hard to accurately gauge when you're tired and cold and hungry and there's a fire in the fireplace and the pizza is hot and cheesy.


Today, without being tired and cold and hungry…the pizza was great. Fresh sourdough crust and good ingredients. I don't remember it being as good before but we all really enjoyed it!


After lunch we went to pick up a Sno-Park pass and then drove a bit more before we found a trailhead we could hike from.


The one we chose looked like a cross-country skiing trail, but nowhere on the signs did it say no hiking. It said no snowshoes and dogs. We took a nice hike, staying to the edge of the trail so we didn't interrupt the ski tracks or the middle of the trail that was nice and cleanly groomed.

L to R: Shirley (Kevin's mom), Larra (our daughter), Ari (Larra's husband), Kevin


It was off and on cloudy/sunny today…the sunny spots were gorgeous. 


As we got back to the car, we saw a sign (a lot like the first sign I studied before we set out on the trail, only this one wasn't half covered with snow) and noticed that at the bottom of it, it had a tiny little icon with a hiking boot…and a circle and a slash over/around it. Um, hm. So…no snowshoes, no dogs, and, well…no hiking apparently. Oops. Glad we were being so careful not to walk on the groomed track. Sorry to the couple of cross country skiiers we passed (if you cared)…our bad.


It was in the mid 20s up at the mountain today, but the roads were cleared and we had a great day!


Tomorrow, we're back in the Airstream!! We're taking Larra and Ari up to Woodinville, Washington for their Christmas present (and ours!): truffle dinner at the Herbfarm. YUM!