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Food for the Holidays


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We had family and friends (Tiffani and Deke) over to our house and we made a crazy array of barbecued meat that took several days to prepare (ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage), along with "ultimate" mac n cheese, sautéed haricots verts and mini cornbread muffins. For dessert we made maple bacon bourbon ice cream with tiny squares of sweet cornbread and a garnish of candied bacon (and a super delicious Chinese Five Spice Apple Cake…so good! — thanks Tiffani!)

I found this incredible recipe for macaroni and cheese and decided to try it. Usually if I make macaroni and cheese I use taleggio cheese (and a few others) and sometimes some prosciutto, but this recipe sounded like it might be even better. It is. Highly recommended. (Beware though…I think we spent over thirty bucks on cheese!)

Kevin is the best husband ever and he gave me the camera I've been coveting for a while now — the Fuji X100. You may have noticed that I take most of my photos with my iPhone (because it's always with me), and very few with my many-lensed, heavy (but fabulous) Nikon D700. When I saw the Fuji X100 I fell in love with its retro looks, its solid construction, and its basic no-nonsense controls, and figured that if there's a camera that I LOVE that's small enough to have with me most of the time, it might be just to thing to bridge the gap between the quality (good as it is) of my iPhone camera and my D700 (usually left back at the Airstream while we're out exploring or hiking).

After experimenting and playing with the X100 for two solid days now, I think it's going to work because so far, I don't want to leave its side. Look how pretty: