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Watching the Wind and Hurricane Sandy

We've been following Hurricane Sandy pretty closely since we're on the East Coast (in an Airstream) now and scheduled to be around this area through Thursday. Seems like the worst we're supposed to have is today: a 30% chance of rain, and winds in the 20-30mph range.

I've been getting into this weather tracking thing and some of the graphics are particularly beautiful interesting. These wind graphics show the wind for the next three days. I like that you can move it ahead by the hour, by the day, by the month…try it! It's really cool. (Go over to "Map Type" and choose "Wind (kts)" … then up top where the date is, there's a pull down for moving the time/day around.)

Here's today, at about 1pm EST:


Today should be the worst of it for us, and it looks kinda scary, but if you click the image to enlarge it, it's much clearer what's going on for us. We are in Savannah — where the marker is. Looks like we're in the 18-23kts area today. So far it's just a little breezy, and there's been no rain at all.

Here's tomorrow (Sunday), same time. Our wind drops to the 12-15kts range:


And Monday, same time (winds about the same, 12-15kts):


I think right now — we're going to go for a bike ride around the campground.