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St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Port St. Joe, FL

Here's where we are now: St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Port St. Joe, Florida.

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Our campsite is rough and tropical (but completely level!) and has a ton of space and privacy. Not all the spots in this campground are like that, but this one is. Love it. The beach is just over the dunes from us (we haven't explored yet, will do here shortly). We drove from our non-spot at the Grayton Beach boat launch parking lot to Port St. Joe, taking the scenic route the whole way. Here's last night's spot in front of the white sand dunes (waves crashing on the other side…you can't hear 'em, but I'm telling you they're right there):


And a few pics from the drive:



Many of the houses along this route that are across the street from the Gulf build up these view spots on top of their homes so they can see over the houses right on the beach:


This is out on the St. Joseph Peninsula, before you get to the state park. There are so many gorgeous beach houses out here, and a TON of them for sale:



We parked and got set up and did some more work for a bit (nice to get a two hour head start here on Central Time!), then went out to grab some lunch at the Indian Pass Raw Bar. (Thanks Doug, for the great tip!) We tried both the raw and baked oysters, a cup of gumbo, and some crab-stuffed gulf shrimp. It was ALL good. The place is super casual and friendly…you walk in and help yourself to drinks in the coolers, order up some food, then when you're done, you tell the cashier what you had and pay up.



After lunch we headed back to Port St. Joe and picked up some fresh red snapper, grouper, and gulf shrimp for our meals for the two nights we're here.

Now we're back at the Airstream working and will probably head out later to take a walk on the beach and explore a little more.

Here's another shot of our sweet campsite office: