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(Not) Sailing Today


We went out to the sailing center/marina in Coconut Grove with Kevin's brother Craig today with the intention of taking Craig's boat (a Viper F16) out for a quick sail before getting it set up on the trailer for him to bring down to the keys this weekend. Unfortunately, Craig's Toureg had a flat tire when started to leave the house, so we ended up doing a little detour over to the tire shop where he left his car to get some work done.

By the time we got to the marina it was a little late to go sailing if we were going to make it down to the Keys before dark. (We still didn't make it before it was dark dangit…but I think our spot is really cool. We'll know in the morning.)

Anyway, I snapped a few pics while we were screwing around with putting the boat on the trailer for transport.



Craig's boat, undercover:



Now, we're in a waterfront spot at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys. We'll show you what it looks like in the morning when it's light out. I've got high hopes from how it seems in the dark.