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Let the Workers Live!

In South Carolina, they do not mess around when it comes to safety in work zones. Apparently if you get caught speeding in a work zone, you'll pay a $200 fine and spend 30 days in jail. 


This one really got my attention: "Let 'em work. Let 'em live." In other words, your default might have been to run down a few construction workers just for sport as you drove through this work zone on your morning commute, but please, they're asking you please, let the workers live.


We also saw a sign that said "Up to $1000 and prison for littering." Dude. They are serious about keeping this place looking ship shape:

The minimum fine is $200 plus court assessments. *
The Maximum fine is $1,087 plus court assessments. *
Guilty convictions can lead to jail time between 30 days to one year. The court will also impose community service litter clean-up hours.

*$200 is the minimum fine in South Carolina for littering any amount less than 15 pounds, plus court costs and a minimum of 15 hours litter gathering labor.